Whitney Parchman

Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by.  I used to have a blog that I loved (OPRF Life).  I started that blog in the Summer of 2015 when our family home was under a huge renovation and addition project.  I had the most lovely and devoted readers.  When our home project was completed (except for the wallpaper) people kept asking me what I was going to do in all of my free time.  Hmm. Great question!

Fast forward to September of 2016.  My husband was out of town for work for a month so I had lots of free time on my hands.  One evening after several glasses of wine (consumed in solitude) I got the “brilliant” idea that I should become a middle-aged fashion blogger.  Ha!  No one was around to stop me and my impaired frontal cortex.

Life lesson:  Sometimes when you are left to your own devices your perception becomes your reality.  This is why no man (or woman) is an island!

Next thing I know, I’ve decided to jettison my beloved OPRF Life for Fashionista In Hiding. The only problem is I’m not really a fashionista.  I’m someone who’s struggling to reconcile their style with their circumstance.

My circumstance is that I’m redefining who I am and attempting to align my values accordingly. I care about the earth and the people that live on it.  I want the work that I do to be bigger than myself.  I’m passionate about supporting businesses that feel the same way.

So while it’s probably too late to go back to the days of OPRF Life (remnants of which you may find if you poke around this site a bit) I’m going to make the best of what I have now.  In 2017 I’m all about progress, not perfection.

It’s not how many times you fall down (and blog about it) but how many times you get up and keep on going.

Thanks for reading Dear Reader!

Reconcile Your Style,

xo  Whitney (The FIH)