The Ashland House: Before & After Exterior

Here are some long-awaited before and after exterior photos of The Ashland House. But first, a quick background…

Before Fashionista In Hiding (FIH) came about I used to author a blog called OPRF Life. OPRF Life chronicled the gut rehab, addition and renovation of our family home – a Chicago style bungalow that we refer to as The Ashland House.

Here’s what The Ashland House looked like shortly after we purchased it:

Exterior of The Ashland House

Front of The Ashland House

Winter Back Yard Ashland House

Back of The Ashland House

Stripping paint off of Chicago brick

This is what the side of the house looked like when we started to strip the Chicago brick of 5 layers of paint.

Here’s what The Ashland House looks like today:


Crazy, right?! The front porch needs more work but we’re going to take a break from home projects for a bit.


We just got gutters last week. I never realized how great gutters were until I lived in a house without gutters for 6 months. I love the rain chains. They’re like dangly earrings for the home.


We have 3 rain chains total. All of them are located on the South side of the house. Each one has a different design but all of them are copper. When it rains the flow of the water from one section to the next down the length of the chain is mesmerizing.


This picture is not the best but you get the idea.


When the house was gutted there were about 200 of these 100+ year-old cobble bricks laying around. We repurposed them for this sweet vintage walkway along the garage.

In January our architect will have some professional photos taken of the interior. You can see very limited “after” interior photos here. I think I’ll eventually put together an idea book for Houzz.  Maybe.

I have to run dear reader.

Reconcile Your Style!

xo Whitney (Sometimes The FIH)


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