Back Yard Update

I ran across this Picasso quote recently and it resonated with me. I’ve been known to spend countless hours on knitting projects only to rip the entire piece apart and start all over again. For me it’s about the process instead of the outcome. I also find that if I focus on the process as opposed to the outcome I’m much less self-critical of my efforts.

Note: I said less self-critical.

Pablo Picasso Quote

What does this have to do with the back yard at The Ashland House? I’m destroying it in order to rebuild it. I know right now I’m only pulling weeds but trust me – I’m going to destroy it. You will hardly recognize it when I am finished. I have a vision and a plan. When I get discouraged about the work that needs to be done I turn to that vision for motivation and inspiration.

As an aside, I have grown quite fond of hearing the satisfying sound of crab grass being ripped from the earth never to return. To some people it might sound like velcro but to me it sounds like glorious VICTORY!

Let’s review:

Back Yard 7:9:16

This is what the yard looked like before I started my weeding rampage.  (Circa: July 10, 2016)

As of July 19th I had pulled enough weeds to fill these:

7 Bags of Weeds

7 so far!  Note the yellow “stamp” that we have to buy for each bag in order for the Village to pick them up. I think “stamp” is American for TAX.

It was 87 degrees Farenheit before 10 am this morning. According to the “heat index” it felt like 100 degrees. Unless you live in Canada. Just like there’s no crying in baseball there’s no heat index in the Great North. You just go sit in the shade. I am proud to be a “soft” American, however, so after my eyelids started perspiring I knew it was time to retire to the inside of our climate controlled home.

Back Yard 1 7:23:16

I neglected to mention that we’ve also had quite a bit of rain lately.  And by rain I mean FOOD FOR THE WEEDS.  Mother Nature may attempt to thwart my efforts, however, I shall not be moved!

Back Yard 7:19:16

Would you believe me if I told you it looks better in person?

What will happen after I pull all the weeds? That pile of bricks will be transformed into a patio in front of the garage and parking pad. We’ll create a new walkway from the deck to the garage with some water permeable stone. We’ll also create a space for a garden/planter/compost area on the south (lefthand) side. Once all those zones are complete we’ll seed the yard.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading and Have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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