Beautycounter Review: Counter Time (Rejuvenating)


Beautycounter Countertime Sample Pack.

Before starting a family I spent over a decade in the cosmetics industry. I’ve worked at Neiman Marcus and Barney’s New York -among others. Up until we had our son I managed a location for Fresh in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.

I started my career as an aesthetician and eventually transitioned to the retail side of the business. My formal training in skin care coupled with my honesty gave me credibility. Upper management didn’t always like this about me. If there was a product with a high profit margin they wanted to “feature” I wouldn’t push it at clients – especially if I didn’t think it was any good.

Given my background I’m open to trying new products. When I discovered Beautycounter recently I was intrigued by their mission:

To get safer products into the hands of everyone.

An interesting/scary fact taken from the Beautycounter website:

The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938.

As someone who’s worked in the industry I wasn’t surprised. I learned long ago that ingredients listed as “fragrance” aren’t always what they seem to be. Unfortunately, it’s up to us as consumers to discern what products are safe for ourselves and our families to use.

I understand that it’s important to use things that are safe on our skin. I’m also a product snob. If I don’t like the smell or texture of whatever it is I’m putting on my face or body FORGET IT.

So far, I’ve tried the following from the Countertime Collection*:

  • Soothing Face Wash
  • Radiance Firming Complex
  • Uplifting Day Cream
  • Restorative Night Cream
  • Vibrant Eye Perfector

*Beautycounter recently changed the packaging and name of this collection.  When you go online look for the Rejuvenating Line (same ingredients as Countertime just updated packaging).

Important Note:  This collection is a great place to start for people with sensitive and/or mature skin. My skin is both. Keep in mind, you don’t have to purchase the entire collection either. Each item is available individually.

The verdict after more than a week of consistent use?

I like this line. It’s pleasant in texture and smell (these are huge for me). It’s also comforting to know that I’m not slathering my face with a bunch of chemicals that will be absorbed into my skin.

After the first application I noticed my skin was softer. I also noticed that my skin was smoother – especially when I went to put on my make-up. In the past when I’ve started using new skin care I’ve experienced breakouts. That did not happen.

I particularly like the Radiance Firming Complex and the Vibrant Eye Perfector.

Later this week I’ll be reviewing the Purifying Charcoal Mask.

EDIT/UPDATE:  Since this post last October, I’ve joined the Beautycounter movement.  I’m not being paid for this post, however, if you choose to purchase Beautycounter through my site I will receive an income.  This does not change your cost and it helps compensate me for my blogging efforts.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

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xo Whitney (The FIH)

P.S.  Beautycounter is now available in Canada!




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