Beautycounter Desert Sunrise Collection

Yesterday I received my Beautycounter Desert Sunrise Collection in the mail. It looked nice on line, however, it’s much more beautiful in person. It’s so beautiful that I’m staying home from yoga this morning to put this post together for you.

This is what I discovered when I originally opened my order:

Beautycounter Desert Sunrise Collection Spring 2017 Packaging

Here’s what the Desert Sunrise Collection looks like before it comes out of its boxes to play.

Beautycounter Desert Sunrise Palette Exterior

When you take your palette out of its recyclable box this is what you’ll find. The palette measures approximately 6 inches x 3.5 inches.

For some people palettes seem like a commitment. In my experience, palettes rock. Here’s why:

  1. They’re great on the go (in your purse, carry-on or gym bag).
  2. They’re extremely versatile (see #3).
  3. All of the colors work well in relation to one another so you can create different looks without the anxiety of choosing colors that go together.
  4. They’re more affordable than buying the shadows and blush individually.
Beautycounter Desert Sunrise Palette Eye Shadows and Blush

Beautycounter Desert Sunrise Palette Eyeshadows (L to R: Pearl, Champagne, Dove, Khaki (new), Bark (new), Pinot and Blush (L to R: Tawny, Bloom, Flamingo).

By the way, the Khaki eye shadow is my favorite of the shadows. It’s an olive green with a gold undertone. It has a friendly amount of shimmer without alienating us ladies with fine lines. You know what I’m talking about.  😉

Okay, let’s talk about these lip glosses!

Beautycounter Desert Sunrise Palette Lip Gloss Spring 2017

The Desert Sunrise Palette Collection includes 6 eye shadows (the Khaki and Bark colors are new) and 3 blushes along with 2 lip glosses (Beeblossom and Coralbell – both new). The Beeblossom is in the foreground.

When I saw pictures of of these glosses on the Beautycounter web site I thought, “Hmm. I’m not sure if those colors are for me.” Here’s what I learned about each color when I saw each in person…

Beautycounter Coralbell Lip Gloss

Beautycounter Coralbell Lip Gloss

The Coralbell gloss is the more opaque of the two. Like the name suggests it’s a coral color. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time for a lip liner, lipstick or lip sheer* this gloss will give you a nice amount of color.

*Full Disclosure: I don’t like lipstick. I just don’t. I’ve always been a lip liner and gloss girl. And when I’m busy? Just a gloss girl. However I do like Beautycounter’s lip sheers. They strike me as a lipstick and gloss hybrid.

Beautycounter Beeblossom Lip Gloss

Beautycounter Beeblossom Lip Gloss

The Beeblossom gloss was the biggest surprise for me. It’s a warm sheer with sparkly gold undertones (evocative of the Khaki eye shadow in the Dessert Sunrise Palette). This would be a great gloss to wear over a lip sheer for a little color variation. It brings the perfect amount of shimmer (if you zoom in on the picture above you can see what I mean).

As an aside, when you first open your palette you’ll see this insert:

Desert Sunrise Palette Insert

Desert Sunrise Palette Insert

Here’s what the back of the palette looks like:

Beautycounter Desert Sunrise Palette Back View

Back View of the Beautycounter Desert Sunrise Palette

The verdict?  I definitely recommend the palette.  I think the colors would look great on many different skin types and colors.  It’s beautiful and fun.  I think the Coralbell Lip Gloss is lovely but I would recommend trying it on before buying (unless you normally can rock a coral color – which sometimes I can and sometimes I cannot).  I love the Beeblossom Lip Gloss. In fact, I’m mesmerized by it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not received any compensation for the post, however, I am a Beautycounter Consultant (although I prefer Consumer Educator). That means that if you decide to purchase from my site I will receive a commission from Beautycounter. That does not mean that you will pay more. It will also mean that I am one step closer to achieving my decade-old dream of out earning my husband.

Beautycounter has a fantastic social mission, their products are safer and their products perform well. I wouldn’t endorse them over other brands if those three things weren’t true.

Thanks for reading Dear Reader!

Reconcile Your Style!

xo Whitney (The FIH)

P.S.  Any questions?  Something I missed?  Let me know!  I’m happy to help.

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