So. How’s The New House?!

I’ve learned so much throughout the resurrection rehab of The Ashland House. Too much to share in this post quite frankly. I will share with you that once you move in to your house after a huge renovation people will invariably ask you the following:

So. How’s the new house?!

To which I have NO IDEA how to answer. Why? Because in the back of my head mind I know that this is happening in our back yard:

backyard renovation project before

Yes!  A picture IS worth 1,000 words, isn’t it?

How can I say how much we love the inside when the outside is a HOT MESS? Those patches of green that appear to be grass aren’t. I can assure you they are weeds. Yesterday I decided to start digging them up. Don’t worry*…

I have a plan!

*By the way, I seriously doubt that you are worried. You barely have time to read inconsequential blog posts as it is, right?

Every day I’m going to use a spade shovel to manually till the soil clay so I can loosen the roots of the weeds. I’ll shake off the extra earth and put them in a yard bag for the village to pick up. I’ve done this for about 60-90 minutes a day for the past two days. Can I keep it up? Hmm. Normally I’d say NO.

Today, however, I say YES! I’m going to boor all of you with daily updates/pictures. Not only will this approach keep me accountable but it will make all of you feel so fortunate that you are not me.  As in the following:

“Wow. I’m glad that’s not my yard.”

I might break down and rent a rota-tiller. Let me spend more of my sanity first.

It’s been too long dear readers! Thanks for reading and as always –

Have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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    1. Jim Noonan

      Learn to love weeds! They’re green, easy to maintain, they prevent dust bowls, and the good Lord must love them because they friggin’ grow EVERYWHERE! 🙂

    2. maidsdayoff

      Just the other day I was just wondering how you were liking it since moving in!
      I’d like to know who gets to decide what’s a weed and what’s a flower?? I distinctly remember my mother pulling things out of the yard that now are considered “ornamental grass.” You can always put away your shovel, put up a Nature Preserve sign, and pour yourself a margarita! 🙂

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        I think the person with the shovel gets to decide what’s a weed and what’s a flower. 😉 We have so much “ornamental grass” but I prefer boring beautiful lawn grass. I wish I had thought of the Nature Preserve sign months ago. Back then the yard was mostly dirt. I haven’t lived in a single family home since I was 18. I have so much more to learn about yard care. 🙁

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Pernicious flora. I like the sound of it. I have a feeling this yard may force me to surrender but I’m going to see how much it puts me through first. Thanks for reading and commenting. You are a very busy author! Didn’t you just publish your fourth book? 😉 xo

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