Blogging 201: Assignment #1 – Set 3 Goals

I am currently enrolled in an online blogging class.  If you are a regular reader (Thank you!  I love you!) you may wonder what the heck is going on with some of my posts.  They might seem out of place at times?  The course will run for the next 2 weeks.  In that time fellow bloggers may pop over here to check out my assignments.

My first assignment is both ironic and fortuitous in its timing.  This assignment is also forcing me to get a jump start on my Success Through Accountability plan.  I have to come up with 3 goals for OPRFLife.

Here it goes:

Goal #1:  Get 100 new followers.  While I love my fellow bloggers (thank you for following) I also would love to have more followers that live in the OPRF area.  I also would like to have followers that have young children.  Which leads me to

Goal #2:  Start writing content for Toddler Tuesdays (I have an outline completed).  Have the first in this series posted by September 29th.  Toddler Tuesdays is a new feature I am in the process of developing for OPRFLife that aims to help parents create a Joyful life and home for themselves and their young children.  I want this feature to be a “go to” reference for parents that are feeling stuck and/or need guidance.  In case you were wondering, I have some experience in this area.

Goal #3:  Figure out what the heck is going on with the OPRFLife Facebook page!  I set it up but I can’t figure out how I did it and now I don’t have any admin capabilities.  Yikes!

So there you have it.

Thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Thanks Juli! I don’t know what I did and am wondering if I should just cut my loses and start new? Is your FB page a personal page or do you manage a page for your blog also?