A Clever Dress For A Clever Girl


This dress is consistently clever.  My level of cleverness, however, depends on the circumstance. Right now it’s getting colder here in the midwest. I couldn’t deny these happy polka dots. They were begging to see the light of day before retiring for the season.


Wearing this dress is like walking into a party and throwing a handful of confetti into the air – without the mess. The layer of tulle provides movement as well as a forgiving silhouette.


From a distance you don’t see the tulle connecting the neck trim to the rest of the dress.


The embellishment around the neckline eliminates the need for a necklace and complements the other polka dots.


The dots are made from a pleather material and attached by a stitch at the top.

Sure, it’s retro.  That’s part of it’s charm.

Polka dots are such a happy pattern. I suppose that’s why I love penny round so much?

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Fun & equally clever dress by Gracia.  Originally purchased at Dee Dee & Edee.

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    1. Jim

      Hi! It’s great to find you here. I’m certainly no fashionista but who doesn’t love following stylishness!

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        Hi Jim! So nice to hear from you! While I forwarded OPRF Life to the new site I’m not certain if WordPress followers are able to see my new posts? Thanks for checking in!

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