Design Around The Ashland House

Here are some pictures I took yesterday in and around The Ashland House.  For design inspiration I looked to some original and new elements.  Check it out:


I purchased this yarn at an art fair in Whitefish, Montana this past August.  It’s hand-dyed.  I thought it was more beautiful to display than to knit.

white subway tile benjamin moore wickham gray

A close-up of the “chair rail” in our Jack & Jill bathroom.  The profile is more subtle than the more common chair rail and it gives the traditional subway tile a more contemporary feel.

Close-up of hex tile with graphite grout.

A close-up of the hex tile in our powder room. This tile is THE BEST because this bathroom also is used by the students at Joyful Day Montessori.

Silk and Linen

Here’s my palette inspiration for our study. The silk is actually the curtains I’ll be hanging soon. I love the diversity in texture of different materials. That difference gives a neutral palette “pop”.

Original Restored Door Hardware 1915 Bungalow

Original Restored Door Hardware – I know some of you have seen a different picture of this before but I think it’s worth a second look.

Bungalow Scupper

The scupper on the front porch. I’m not crazy about the color of the mortar between the bricks but I guess I’ll have to live with it for now. 😉

Cobble Brick Circa 1915

When we first bought The Ashland House there were over 200 bricks scattered around the back yard. True story. We saved the decent ones and repurposed them as a border between the grass and gravel beneath our back porch.

Rustic Farm Fence

This is what our fence looks like along our South property line. It’s “rustic”.

And who was watching me take all of these pictures?

Blonde Shih Tzu Rescue Dog Portrait

Portrait of Benji the Lovable & Magnificent.

All photos/design credit:  Whitney Parchman

Can you believe it?!

xo Whip

P.S.  For more on how I restored the door hardware at The Ashland House click HERE.

P.P.S.  You can check out what our bathrooms (almost) look like now click HERE.

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        1. maidsdayoff

          Thanks! I love World Market! We’ll be starting our kitchen remodel soon and will be needing a new table. I don’t care for the new trend of fancy tables with upholstered kitchen chairs. Everything looks like a dining room set to me instead of kitchen! Then again, I grew up in the era of metal framed, formica topped tables and vinyl covered chairs. 🙂