Fall Trend: Mad About Plaid


When I find myself in need of a fashion quick-fix I find the following formula saves the day:

  1.  Coat or sweater
  2.  Leggings or slim jeans
  3.  Tall boots


This coat is versatile because it uses a casual fabric (flannel) in a classic silhouette. The shawl collar balances my pear shape.


Would you believe me if I told you I bought these leggings at Walgreen’s for $5?  I tend to wear leggings in lieu of tights. The trick is to find a top that hits at a flattering point on your leg. You want it to be high enough that there is a reveal between the top of your boot and the bottom hem of your coat or sweater. Personally, my backside has begun its slow decent toward the earth (Thanks Gravity!!!) so I like to make sure that business is covered. The other option is to go with a sweater or coat that’s ankle length – that’s a different post.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my absolute love of tall (and mid-calf, and ankle) boots. I will not tell you how many pair I own because my husband might be reading this. The key is the fit. You don’t want your calf to be strangled and you don’t want it bouncing around inside the boot shaft. Also, you need to consider what else you’re wearing If you have some life experience you’ll know that you need to consider what the weather’s like. I never let the weather dictate my fashion choices in my 20’s!  Wisdom can be so dream crushing.

Coat: Available locally at Jayne Boutique

Boots (from The FIH’s closet):  Originally from Madison Street Shoes

Thanks for reading! I’d love to know your fashion quick-fixes in the comments below.

xo The FIH

P.S.  The truth is:  I’m not really that mad about plaid. I am mad about taking a material that’s normally casual and using it in a more tailored design. Those of you in high school or college during the 90’s will understand.



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