Back Yard Update: Dog Days Of Summer

We adopted Benji from the Animal Care League in Oak Park this past Thursday. The kiddo said, “Having a dog is great!  Now I always have a friend to play with.”

having a dog animal care league

This photo cannot begin to capture the cuteness.

And while I risk sounding like a total cheeseball I will add that I feel like our family is complete. Our house feels like a home now that Benji has joined us.

Before Mr. OPRFLife met Benji he told me that we should “sleep on it” before we adopt him. Yeah, right. Benji’s cuteness factor and easy going personality was no match for the Canadian.

Benji is a rescue dog. His lived the first 6 years of his life with a family that decided they could no longer care for him. It’s easy to say, “Why would someone give up such a nice dog?” I’ve asked that frequently over the past couple days.

Ultimately though I’m so thankful to this family for being responsible enough to surrender him. I’m sure it was difficult to do. It’s been hard on him too. As I write this he is looking out our back door in confusion. When will his people return?

It’ll take a few weeks for him to adjust and learn that we are his new people. We feel so fortunate that he is part of our family now.

Benji’s arrival has provided more motivation for me to keep working on our back yard.

It turns out that pulling weeds for hours on end is a great way to experience the pain of arthritic joints. (By the way, I am taking the “high” road and not making a joke about the fact that I used a variation of the words weed and joint in the last sentence. Pun toke-ally intended.)

Now I will boor you with some pictures of my handy work:

yard waste bags costco

The bags are both full plus…

pile of weeds

this pile and another one just like it.

The other morning when Mr. OPRFLife left for work I was working in the yard. When he returned that evening I happened to be working in the yard again. He got out of his car and said:

“You are psycho.”

In case you aren’t aware, being described as “psycho” in this particular context is Canadian for “Wow. You are really working hard on this pr-OH-ject!

back yard home improvement project

Another classic quote from Mr. OPRFLife, “Are you sure you want to do this? They’re just going to keep growing back.”

Ornamental Grass

What I see when I close my eyes at night.

Thank you ever so much for reading.

Have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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    1. Ann Higginbotham

      Cut yourself some slack girl!
      I have followed your posts, on the whole development of the Ashland House, from here in Puerto Rico. I’m not sure why. I stumbled upon it one day and it was like a movie developing in slow motion where you’re almost certain where things are headed but you’re still rooting for the main characters. Maybe because I am undertaking the same task for the last three years but in a three acre tropical farm. Its a work in progress… My canadian husband has done great in this joint effort. Gotta love Canadians!
      Let me tell you that I think you have been marvelous throughout this whole project. There’s been awesome decisions, bad decisions, but they are your decisions. You have persevered, taken a step back when you had to, learned. You are a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, a remodeler, decorator… and now you gave a shelter dog a second chance at a lovely home. You’re wonderful in my book. Take it easy and just keep at it.

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Thanks so much Ann! Not only for your kind words and encouragement but also for taking the time over the past year to read my posts. I really appreciate it! I would love to see pictures of what is sure to be your amazing 3 acre farm! I’m 100% certain our readers would like to see too. *hint* 😉 I do have a soft spot for Canadians and their offspring. Thanks again for reading all the way in Puerto Rico! And thank you ESPECIALLY for rooting for all the characters in my real life movie. xo Whitney