Painting The Ashland House: Part I

The day after Christmas I was ready to get back on the design wagon. I’ve spent several hours online researching paint colors for The Ashland House because our GC wants to have my selections ready to go for the painters. I’ve already been to the paint store three times. I couldn’t take the back and forth any longer so this past visit I bought a fan deck(s).

If you go to the Benjamin Moore website you can spend as much as $35 US ($125 Canadian *I kid*) on one. Today when I went to Paulson’s Paint I discovered this sweet deal:

Color Fan Carry-All

No.  It’s not a fan deck.  It’s an AWESOME carrying case for TWO fan decks.

Loop For Pen

There is a loop in the left where you can clip a pen.  🙂

Place For ID

There’s also a see-through pocket on the back to put your “return to” information if you loan it out.  Ha!  As if I am ever going to part with my amazing fan decks!

Inside Color Fan Storage

The flap secures with velcro.

Benjamin Moore Color Fans

These two beauties came with the case. 

Remember how I told you one fan deck was $35 US online? Well, I got the carrying case along with both fan decks pictured here for $20 US!!! And no, this is not a sponsored post.

Why would any normal person spend money on paper paint samples when they can get them for free at the store?


  1. I am not normal. What? I know that’s what you were thinking. I’m not normal.  So what?!
  2. When you pick out a sample you need to take it to the room you are thinking about using that color in and look at the color in the natural light as well as at different times of day. Morning light is different than afternoon light, yes? Yes. If you decide your choice was not ideal you can easily refer to the fan for an alternative color.
  3. Having a fan will help you see the color you love in relation to the other colors. Have you ever heard someone comment on how the white in their living room is too yellow or pink for their liking? Too warm? Too cool? Seeing that same white in relation to the other colors will help you detect those nuances.
  4. Having the deck with you in the room you are designing will expand your options. You may pick a color you weren’t considering in the store but now looks fantastic in the room.
  5. In addition to all of the colors available the fan decks allow you to see the different paint finishes offered.
Matte VS. High Gloss

Here’s the matte next to high gloss in the same color for comparison.  There is a bigger difference in person.

Once you pick your contenders I recommend getting a sample pint (they cost around $7) and painting a swatch on the wall to be painted. Look at that swatch in different light over the course of a few days. If I were living in the house I’d probably leave it up for a good week before I decided. That’s just me. In our case I’m most likely going to have some swatches painted on a piece of primed drywall and carry it around from room to room. I’m cool like that. You’ll also want to consider the use of the room (i.e. high traffic area) as well as the furnishings.

Does this seem like a lot of work? That’s because it is. Paint and labor are expensive. Do your due diligence before you commit to a color you decide you’re not crazy about. The good news is paint is easier to change than cabinetry or flooring.

Thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney


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    1. Maddy at Home

      You are so right Whitney. Back in the day we used to have a ghastly blue & caramel tiled 50s bathroom & rather than change the tiles, we decided to change the paint color. Not once. Not twice. I don’t know how many times we changed it but in the end, it looked wonderful!
      Love your little bag, so professional . . . You are a designer now!

    2. Dr Meg Sorick

      You are a serious hardcore designer! But you know it will be so worth it in the end! The paint never looks the same in the store as it does on the walls and your idea of checking during the different times of day is spot on!

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Hey! I’m having Dr. Meg withdrawal! You look tan. Do I have reason to be jealous? Love your new pic. I am on glass of wine #2 and I have literally had to look up the spelling of THREE of the words I have typed in this response. Ha! Thanks for reading and commenting. XO

    3. Integro Rehab

      Hi Whitney – great post! A lot of homeowners don’t think like this and they should. Also, a lot of people defer to eggshell paint. This can really change the look. A low sheen or matte finish is best for interiors.