Painting The Ashland House Part II

All of our trim (base boards, casings, crown moldings, picture rail, doors and 90% of our cabinetry) is being painted in Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-117). Satin finish if you’re curious.

Here are some pictures.  Keep in mind the walls just have primer on them now.  The light fixtures are hanging down because the guys were painting the ceilings (Benjamin Moore Ceiling White). Crown molding is not up yet and the doors should arrive late next week.

Classroom Window Trim

Two of the windows in the classroom.  The best part?  They’re not drafty.

Sweet Little Kitchen Window

Sweet little Kitchen window.  The light was so bright that the color of this picture is distorted.  The walls do not look blotchy and yellow in person.

Dining Room Windows

Dining Room Windows – color is much more accurate in this picture.

Trim From Kitchen Into Dining Room

I took this picture while standing in our future kitchen and looking toward the dining room.

Ashland Dining Room Before

Dining Room Before

From Living Room To Dining Room

Dining Room as of yesterday (taken while standing in the Living Room).

Entry Way Casing

Entry Way (The original front door is being restored)

Here is a random bonus picture of the heating component in the mud and powder rooms:

Heat For Mud and Powder Rooms

The wire is installed by hand instead of using a heating mat.  It takes more time but depending on the dimensions of your space you can get better coverage.  Your guy just has to know how long the wire needs to be.  You can’t cut it.  🙂

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney


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    1. Valerie

      Really coming together, Whitney! What did you choose for your flooring or are those the originals sanded down?

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Hi Valerie! Thanks. Originally we wanted to restore the existing flooring but it wasn’t practical due to all the pet urine stains that might not have come completely out during sanding. Also, we would have had to patch several places because we moved lots of walls and relocated the stairs. Since we added square footage it would have been challenging to match the oak of today with the existing 100-year-old oak also. Given all these factors, it was more cost efficient to replace the floors. Same case with the trim. It was less expensive to replace the base boards and crown molding in a similar style than it was to strip and paint the original. The new floors are 3 1/4″ white oak that will be stained a walnut color. 🙂 xo

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Hi Jim! We have installed a high-efficiency HVAC system. When we purchased the home there was an old forced air system. There may have been a boiler system that was removed. The new system is zoned for the first and second floors and it’s very quiet. We also used foam insulation and invested in quality windows. I am looking forward to living in a cozy and peaceful home! 🙂

    2. Carrie Batson

      Hi Whitney! Wow, I just discovered your website (thanks to Houzz) and it’s absolutely amazing! I can’t imagine blogging while also undergoing a major home renovation. Talk about a daily ‘to do’ list! Thank you for doing so, however, as we’re all benefiting and learning from your work. Your home is stunning, and it’s so much fun to watch as the reno comes together.

      Question — I’ve searched all of your posts but can’t seem to find anything about what wall paint color you used throughout the main living spaces? I know you used BM matte, but would you mind sharing the color? Thank you!

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Hi Carrie! Thanks for reading and commenting. I just got your email and will add those posts you mentioned. Thanks for that feedback as well! For the white we used BM Simply White matte on the walls and satin finish on the trim. Throughout the living room, classroom and kitchen we used BM Light Pewter in matte finish. The Jack and Jill bathroom is BM Stonington Gray in matte finish. The study is BM Revere Pewter in matte (OMG! MY FAVORITE I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!). In our master bath we used Wickham Gray. All of the trim and cabinetry is BM Simply White in satin finish (cabinetry is semi-gloss) with the exception of the kiddo’s vanity (BM Black Ink). I am off to relax away from the internet this afternoon but I’ll be sure to update the Ashland House page so that readers are better able to navigate by topic soon. You win the internet for Best Reader/Commenter today! Congratulations! xo Whitney

        1. Carrie Batson

          Thank you so much Whitney! I really appreciate it. Again, your blog is a great resource to so many. Thank you for doing it.