0 thoughts on “Quote of The Day

  1. Whitney Parchman Post author

    Um. I think so? I didn’t think I changed it that much. Just a few little things. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂 I think it helps is that I figured out how to truncate posts so the home page looks more like a magazine. I also got rid of that huge list of tags on the sidebar… and I changed the color slightly. Does it look that different? I’m glad you think it looks amazing!!! xo Whitney

    1. Dr Meg Sorick

      I think I have to truncate, too. I’d like for maybe three posts or so to show up and the rest of them go into the archives. I actually thought I’d done that but it didn’t seem to take effect. Anyway, the little tweaks you made look awesome, really professional!

  2. Whitney Parchman Post author

    FYI, my first comment was for Dr. Meg. Kimberly, this one’s for you! Thanks! I took your suggestions to heart and made a few changes. Thank you! Thank you! Also, I have a personal policy that if I don’t love the quote I don’t post it so I am very happy that you enjoyed it. Thanks for checking everything out. xo Whitney