Switching to Safer: Nail Polish

I’m in the process of switching to safer products. That means I’m going through the personal care and household products my family uses and getting rid of the items that have ingredients linked to health risks like cancer, hormone disruption, infertility and auto-immune issues (to name a few). This week I’m focusing on my nail polish.


I’ve been putting off this particular switch to safer. The thing is, if I had to guess I’d say nail polish is high in toxicity. Do I really want to know the truth? Painting my nails is one of the few luxuries I allow myself.


Zoya Polish Colors Left to Right: Sabrina, Normani, Rue and Debbie

I’m all about progress not perfection. Is there a 100% safe nail polish? Not to my knowledge. I do however use a safer polish by Zoya.

Zoya Polish is “5-Free” meaning they don’t use the following:

  1. Toluene
  2. Camphor
  3. Formaldehyde
  4. Formaldehyde Resin
  5. DBP

And, yes. There are polishes that use the ingredients listed above.  I looked them up in an attempt to explain why you should avoid them, however, I don’t have a Ph. D. in Chemistry.

So, how can you check what’s in your products? I start with the Healthy Living App from The Environmental Working Group. It’s free and has a large data base. I definitely recommend having it on your phone when you shop.

If the product you’re searching for isn’t listed in the Healthy Living App a Google search should point you in the right direction. I type in the name of the product followed by the word “ingredients”.

In order to figure out what ingredients to avoid I also recommend referencing Beautycounter’s Never List. Beautycounter is extremely particular about what ingredients they use in their line. They’ve banned over 1400 ingredients – many of which are still being used in personal care products in the US and Canada due to a strikingly small amount of legislation and regulation.

Thanks for reading!

Are you switching to safer? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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xo Whitney (The FIH)

And one more thing…

You can get Zoya locally at MacDaddy Salon in Forest Park. Get a fantastic mani and/or pedi from the ever-capable Carol while you’re at it. She’s very good and in demand so make sure you call ahead.

You can also get Zoya online (but I like to shop local when I can).

Full Disclosure: I’m a consumer educator for Beautycounter. I received the 4 polishes from Zoya for free because my friend (who does not work for Zoya – to my knowledge) gave me a promo code. I had to pay $15 for processing and shipping.


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