The Ashland House: Relocating the Stairs

With the exception of sanding, staining and sealing the new stairs are almost finished. The Ashland House project included relocating the stairs from the middle of the floor plan to the back of the house.

Remember what the original stairs looked like?

Here’s a refresher:


Original Basement Stairs

Here’s what the original floor plan looked like:


The original stairs were on the South side of the house tucked between the dining room and 3rd bedroom. They were relocated to the North side of the house behind where the kitchen is in this drawing. Architect: Debra McQueen

Here’s a floor plan with the new location for the stairs:


You might have to enlarge this image to see it better. The new stairs are in the addition. Architect: Debra McQueen

We had the staircase relocated to the back of the house. Β In true Chicago Bungalow fashion the original staircase was in the middle of everything.

As of yesterday, our stairs looked like this:


These stairs are much less scary, right? The White Oak flooring is patiently awaiting its stain.

A little off the subject… The kiddo’s bathroom also has floor tile now:


This tile will have charcoal colored grout and the vanity will be Black Ink by Benjamin Moore.

I have decided that it is CRAZY for me to pick out paint colors before I even see what the floors look like stained. Here’s a true story for you:

A polite Canadian and an extroverted American get married and buy a town home. They have it painted in a variety of colors before they move in. Their red oak trim dictates their choices. They do the best they can but after they move their furnishings in the walls look *meh*.

So I’ve decided to channel my inner Scandinavian (that means a LOT of white on the trim and walls) until we have seen the floors stained, the cabinets and countertops installed and our furnishings placed. Sure, I could ask a designer to pick out some colors but they won’t be living in the space. They won’t see how the sunlight hits the north wall of the kitchen during our 6 am cup of coffee.

Here’s an important lesson I’ve learned during this project:

If you aren’t 100% certain about a decision (i.e. If it doesn’t make you want to burst into song)Β and it won’t hold up the progress on your remodel then just wait.

Thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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  • 0 thoughts on “The Ashland House: Relocating the Stairs

    1. Dr Meg Sorick

      Beautiful! I love the white, charcoal and black combination for the kiddo’s bathroom. Heck, if you want to add color, you can get him some colorful towels!

    2. Yasmina

      The stairs are gorgeous! I love the tile and the charcoal grout – beautiful and so practical! I’m with Dr. Meg on the colorful towels. πŸ™‚

    3. yager2550

      Agree with waiting for color selection–we did, and guess what–we decided to leave all the walls the soft white we started with! All color comes with our rugs and furnishings and accessories, and it’s good. Thumbs up on your tile choice, it looks great!

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Thanks! I like the look of white walls and trim with dark floors and I love the white we’re using. So, I can see us doing the same thing. Thanks for the encouragement! xo

    4. yager2550

      Yes! We’ve got the dark hickory floors, and pure white glossy trim, too. So satisfied because we can change it up from time to time with a change of accessories if we want to, or not. It’s been a year, and we’re not at all tired of it either.