The Ashland House: An Epic Update Part II

Last night we stopped by the house and the concrete guys were just finishing up the basement floor.  Here was the basement before:

Ashland Basement Before 2

“Finished” basement circa Fall 2014

Oh, and please don’t forget the original basement “bathroom“:

Ashland Basement Bathroom


Here was the basement during demo:

Ashland Basement Torn Up

Remember this? Hahahahahaha

Foundation of the Sun Room

Basement at the back of the house.

Excavation 3

The basement with no back wall (prior to addition).

Now check this out:

Basement Floor Addition

Basement floor in the new addition.

New Basement Floor! The concrete is still wet.

New Basement Floor! The concrete is still wet.

The basement will hold the Man Cave and will have a Chicago loft feel to it.  These pictures were taken at dusk.  During the day there is a nice amount of natural light.  Eventually the interior brick will be stripped to expose the Chicago brick.  It may be difficult to imaginate but it will be really cool.  Trust me.

As always, thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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    1. Dr Meg Sorick

      So here’s a crazy question, or maybe not. If you expose the brick in the basement will it be damp? Cold? Or are the walls so thick that’s not an issue? I imaginate it will really look cool!

    2. Whitney Parchman Post author

      Hello Dr. Meg! Not a crazy question at all. We will have a dehumidifier as well as very good insulation/ventilation in all other areas of the house. The back of the basement will be insulated/framed because of the laundry room so only portions of the north and south walls will be exposed interior brick. Since we are stripping the brick of paint on the exterior it will be better able to breath and water will be more likely to evaporate (instead of collecting wherever it can). At least, that’s how I see it. BTW, it’s always nice to read a comment from a fellow imaginator! xo Whitney