The Ashland House: An Update

You know how when you tell someone one of your ideas and they politely say, “Oh”?  Their face betrays their politeness for a split second because they are stifling their opinion of said idea(s)?   It might not happen to you very often but it happens to me a LOT.  It recently happened to me regarding the color choice of the cladding (the trim around or back door and the mullions of our dormer windows).

You will just have to trust me (and The Architect) on this one.  On the exterior we are dealing New Roof (In Progress)with 2 very different types of brick as well as a roof pitch that shows a large amount of shingles. We also have to consider the color of siding that will go on the addition and the color of the gutters.

If I try to describe it all to you my vision will fall short.

Okay, enough about the exterior.  Yesterday the basement floor was dry enough for me to walk on and take some more pictures.  Here we go:

Close Up of New Electrical Panel

Upgraded electrical. Previous electric was 100 amps. Ugh. *cyber high 5 to those of you that appreciate this*

Future Laundry Room

Future Laundry Room. I am excited about this because I actually enjoy doing laundry. 🙂

Basement Mid-October 2015

Future Man Cave in the foreground. Laundry at the far end.

Future Man Cave

Future cool nook in The Man Cave.

Remember the old stairs?

Ashland Original Stairs to Basement

Well here is where the new stairs are going:

Basement Stair Well

Area for future up-to-code basement stairs.

I haven’t shown you much about our HVAC system.  I will tell you that the HVAC guy has been working around the clock.  Amazing HVAC

Finally, here is a picture of Joyful Day Montessori’s future classroom with its new windows:

New Window in The Classroom

Large low windows allow for lots of natural light. The kids can see outside easily while they are “working”.

I am particularly excited about the classroom.  We plan on having a deck off the back as well as a play scape along the south side of the house.  Indoor/outdoor classrooms are extremely beneficial for the children.

As always, thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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