The Ashland House: An Update

Yesterday I met with our GC (Bill Stapleton) for about an hour at The Ashland House.  Topics covered:

  1. What walls do we frame in the basement?  How do I want them framed?
  2. Soffit in basement laundry room – this is what it looks like.
  3. Electrical panel – should we build a closet for it?  Should we build it now or later?
  4. Where should we put the lights in the new stair well?
  5. Here is the laundry chute.
  6. The Deck.

Ah yes.  The deck.  The deck that we decided not build to save money because our project is so big.  The deck that only makes sense to do now because of all the concrete and siding work that will be going on in the next several weeks.  We need to make a decision and we need to make it soon.  If we take too long to decide then it is possible our project will slow and the trades will be assigned to a different job.

Back of The House October 2015

See how high off the ground the back door (next to the window) is? We need a deck or landing of some sort.

Bill knows that I can bring my A game of decision making for a solid hour.  After that time all I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher (wahh wahh wahh… wahh wahh wahh).  At the hour mark of our meeting yesterday instead of zoning out I felt a wave of familiar emotion wash over me.  I was completely overwhelmed.  The vastness of the project finally sunk in.  The excitement of the last 5 months subsided and reality caught up with me.  I hate it when reality catches up to me! It’s not like I regret any of our decisions.  I know we’ll love the house and our quality of life will improve after we move.  That was just a moment I had yesterday.  Moments are fleeting. Today I plan the deck!

On a side note, here are our some before and during photos of our basement stairs:

Ashland Original Stairs to Basement

Stairs to the Basement Before

New Basement Stairs

New Stairs From Basement to First Floor

Stairs From Second Floor Down

Stairs Going Down to First Floor

We also got the exterior basement door put it.  It will be painted to match the trim of the windows.

New Exterior Basement Door

Exterior Basement Door

As always, thanks for reading.  Have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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    1. Maddy at Home

      I don’t think you would regret it if you got that deck now. It would give you a lovely outlook over the garden and more living space. The house is looking big!

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Thank you Juli! I am definitely a fan of the new stairs. I think they will be lovely/charming. The carpenters worked really hard with our architect to design them to code. Lots of math involved! No easy task. I will pass on your complement. xo

    2. Kathy Alagna

      Bite the bullett! Build the deck! You have a lifetime to pay it off! The stairway is fabulous! and I am sure!!! WIDER than the original staircase! Please hang-in… You will TRULY enjoy every moment of decisions… after you move in! And! As for the English teacher – correcting grammar/spelling/editing! I consider ALL your comments… thoughts and ideas!!!! As builders notes! I just love the smell of newly cut wood! We have built 3 houses! Every moment of transition…. was worth all the LOVE and family/friends time shared over the past 43 years! (And, you living with us, too!) Think of you often!

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Hi Kathy! Thanks for your comments. I think of you often too. 🙂 I am sending love to you and The Godfather. Also, we are biting the bullet and building the deck! 😉 I’ll have more on that in a future post. xo Whitney
        P.S. I love the smell of construction as well. I wish they made a candle in that scent.