The Ashland House: An Update

This is the latest on the deck.  You remember, right?  The deck we weren’t going to build because we wanted to save money but now we are going to build because we want to save money?

It is a terribly long story.  I will spare you all of the details, however, I will give you a list in chronological (not to be confused with my word: chron-illogical – to be chronically illogical) order:

  1. Buy house
  2. Want screened-in porch
  3. Ask Village of River Forest for screened-in porch
  4. Village crushes dream
  5. Redesign ENTIRE house so we can have screened-in porch
  6. Village says we have to have a water run-off analysis done (extra time and money)
  7. Redesign the screened-in porch as a deck with pergola
  8. Regret asking village in the first place
  9. Should have built what I wanted under a cover of darkness
  10. Too honest for my own good
  11. Where were we?  Oh yes.  Get pricing for deck with pergola
  12. HA!  That will have to wait
  13. Commence construction of addition on The Ashland House
  14. We need a landing off the back door of the house
  15. If we make the landing 4’x4′ we might as well make it 4’x8′
  16. If we make it 4’x8′ we might as well have it step down onto a deck
  17. If we have it step down onto a deck we might as well put the pergola in
  18. What have we done?!

After 10 months of all this back and forth this is very close to what we will be doing:

Parchman deck west elevation

Deck West Elevation

Parchman deck south elevation

South Side View

It’s a relief to have the design completed.  We can’t put the siding on the house until we know where the deck and pergola will be located. There is also quite a bit of concrete work to be done.  Ideally the basement floor and the footers for the deck would have been poured at the same time.  Oh well.

As always, thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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    1. Dr Meg Sorick

      Oh my word, this was a funny post! We did some pretty extensive renovations to the house we currently live in, so I can relate! Whitney, when that place is finished, I want to come see!

    2. Whitney Parchman Post author

      Thanks Dr. Meg! It turns out I am intermittently funny but only when I don’t try to be. Ha! When this place is finished I want to see it too. You can visit. We will drink fancy and/or low maintenance beverages. xo