The Ashland House: An Update

If I wouldn’t have insisted on manmade materials for our decking the porch would be complete by now. But guess what?! I don’t want to have to power wash and stain a cedar deck every other year. We estimated that to have that work done would take 2 people 2 days to complete the task and cost between $1,200 and $1,500 each time. Or we could do it ourselves and risk marital strife. No thanks. The pergola and railing are cedar. The profile of the hand rails are rounded to prevent water from accumulating and rotting the wood. These portions won’t need power washing and staining nearly as often.

Want to see something cool? Spray foam. Being in the house (very briefly with my shirt over my mouth so I wouldn’t accidentally insulate my lungs) during the spray foam application made me feel like I was on the set of E.T. (That’s a movie from the 80’s for those of you who are wondering).  It was very cool and yet a little freaky at the same time.  I thought I would miss seeing the exposed Chicago brick from the inside but I don’t.  I have enough Chicago brick in my life.

Spray Foam Dining Room

This is the dining room.

The hose you see in the picture above leads out to this truck:

Spray Foam Company

I should be getting a fat discount on spray foam for putting this picture in.  You’re welcome Astro Insulation!

The spray foam in the basement is interesting because two different kinds were used.  You can tell by the different colors in this picture:

Spray Foam in Basement Addition

The blue foam on the bottom covers the cement foundation portion of the wall while the lighter color was applied to the wood framing.  And no, I don’t know what the R-Values are but I can tell you they are up to code.  (I’m talking to you Village of River Forest!)

Here is a picture of the laundry room as of yesterday:

Spray Foam in the Laundry Room

The sink will go under the window.  Next to that will be the washer and then the dryer will be to its right.  This wall is located opposite from the one in the previous picture.

Here is a close-up of the cool, beautiful and slightly freaky spray foam:

Spray Foam Close Up

Thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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    1. Dr Meg Sorick

      We have a cedar deck and rue the day we didn’t go with man made materials! It’s a total pain in the arse! You will be so happy you went with the man made! These are great update photos!

    2. Mauri

      Our attic is foam sprayed and it looks like Christmas 🙂 Your heating and cooling bills will be much less expensive too!