The Ashland House: An Update

I learned a lot about spray foam yesterday. For example, closed-cell spray foam has a higher R-Value than open-cell spray foam. According to The Spray Foam Guy (I didn’t catch his name) homes that have spray foam insulation have very low incidents fires that spread throughout the home. Of course a fire could start in a home with spray foam, however, the foam is so effective at insulating that the fire dies out due to a lack of oxygen. In the event of a fire, spray foam also buys you more time to get out of the house too.

There is A LOT of spray foam in The Ashland House now. When I first walked in yesterday I could tell it was warmer inside. Quieter too!

The guys weren’t sure if they would be able to insulate the ceiling over the front porch because of the wind. Apparently they were able to. Good news!

Spray Foam Porch Ceiling

Here are some more pictures:

Open Cel Spray Foam Master Bedroom

Open-Cell Spray Foam in the Master Bedroom

Spray Foam Classroom

I took this picture while standing where our future kitchen will be.  The three windows and (temporary) door belong to the future classroom for Joyful Day Montessori.  🙂

Spray Foam Stairwell

Stairwell going from the main floor up.

The Sprinkler Guys (I didn’t meet them) installed the fire sprinklers yesterday too.  Here are some pictures of that:

Fire Sprinkler Office 2

It’s cool because the sprinkler pipes are orange.  I assume that’s so they don’t get confused with the other plumbing?  That red nozzle will be changed to a white cap that will blend in with the ceiling once drywall and paint are up.  Whew!

Fire Sprinklers Master Bedroom Ceiling

Here is the fire sprinkler in the Master Bedroom. The ceiling in this area of the house is a cathedral height (cathedral for a home – NOT for Notre Dame).  The beam in the foreground runs parallel to the floor and will be exposed.

Spray Foam South East Corner Master Suite

Our toasty and warm future Master Bedroom.

As always, thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        I am wondering if I will ever leave the Master Bedroom once we move in? I am seriously considering putting a mini fridge and a coffee maker in there… along with a padlock on the door. Ha!