The Ashland House: An Update

I’ve pushed Toddler Tuesday back to this afternoon due to the overwhelming request for more pictures of The Ashland House. Okay, I had one request. I just can’t ignore someone who took the time to read and comment!

The feature image is of the new electrical service on the Northwest corner of the house. It’s funny to me now how when we first started planning this project I had all sorts of grand ideas. One of my ideas was to bury the electrical in the back yard. I quickly learned that in reference to home renovation the terms grand and expensive are pretty much interchangeable. Yes, we saved several thousand dollars because we didn’t have the wires buried but we also realized that the wires run inside and parallel to the North property line. This location makes them less noticeable and therefore less annoying. It would have been a different story if they ran diagonally.

Here is a picture of our GC Bill Stapleton in the Master Bath:

Master Bath with Bill

Bill is making a list of all of the light fixtures I have to choose.  How many you ask?  36!  That includes exterior lighting as well.  I keep asking him what our fixture budget is and he keeps saying with a nervous chuckle, “What budget?”  What does that mean?!  Like, we don’t have any money for lights?  Or, I can spend whatever I want?  Hmm…

In the picture above Bill is facing the area where the vanity will be. The toilet will be tucked behind the short wall. Speaking of Bill, let me share with you a typical conversation between the two of us:

Bill: Which do you want?  A or B?

Me: Well of course I want B! Why would anyone choose A when they could have B? That’s within budget, right?

Bill: Well we’re not saving any money.

I have to give Bill credit. He could be much more of a dream crusher. In fact, he hasn’t crushed my design dreams that much. Location in real estate is finite. When you design a space that is finite too. As a result, there will always be things that you want but you can’t have. My advice is to take what you can get and make it the best given the circumstances. It’s a metaphor for life! 🙂

Here’s the type of drywall that’s going into the bathrooms and kitchen:

Type of Drywall Used in Bathrooms

Super Exciting! Some people (like my uncle who PAINTED HIS BRICK) will enjoy this. Okay, enough of that…

Master Bedroom All Drywall Up

Here’s the Master Bedroom. The next step will be to tape and mud the seams of the drywall. Once the mud dries it will get sanded and then the painters will prime everything.

If you’re curious about the color we are using on the exterior cedar siding you can spot a sliver of it to the left of the dormer window in the picture below. Bill had the painters paint those pieces before they were installed in order to save them a trip up the scaffold. Is it a scaffold if it’s made completely of ladders?

Rear Dormer Siding

It might be difficult to imagine all of the siding in this color but at least you can see how it looks against the color of the cladding on the dormer window. I’m mulling over what stain to use on the cedar pergola and porch railings. I want to see how the addition looks after it’s painted first.

That’s all for now! I’ll have pictures of the first floor for you in a couple days.

Thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney




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