The Ashland House: An Update

I can’t stay away for another two weeks. What was supposed to be an almost month long break has come to a close. Since I’ve been gone I have discovered that writing is a nice way to deal with stress. Ironic since writing is also a great cause of stress. Let’s not waste any more time discussing my first world problems. You want to know about The House!

My conversation with our GC (Bill) this past Saturday regarding paint colors:

Me: Our town home has a lot of warm colors that seem a little dark. I’m leaning toward lighter colors this time around.

Bill: *Listening*

Me:  You know how when you’re dating and you go out with someone and they have dark hair? Maybe that doesn’t work out so well so you decide to date a blonde? I think that’s what’s happening here.

Bill: *laughs* Okay.

Our exterior sconces were put up Saturday by Rich the electrician. I ordered them online and guessed at how they would look in terms of scale (revisit the feature image to see the lights in the context of the exterior). They look good! They use LED bulbs so we shouldn’t have to change them for a decade or so.

Close Up of Exterior Sconce

Keep in mind the siding hasn’t been painted yet. We’re waiting for another stretch of lovely weather.

The Man Cave

The rule is I get to design the entire house with the exception of The Man Cave. Of course I have opinions. As any wise spouse would do Parch has allowed me to believe that my opinions have been taken into consideration. When we first met he lived in a loft downtown (converted from a paper printing factory – very cool). The Man Cave is a shout out to his former digs.

Man Cave Before Stripping I

The existing basement was “finished”. It had a thin layer of plaster over the Chicago Brick. This wall shows what was under the plaster.

Man Cave Before Stripping II

This is where the old bathroom used to be. I was pretty traumatized by how disgusting it was. The brown paint was a constant reminder of what was once there. It had to go!

If you need a refresher of what the basement bathroom was like before then check this out.

Here is The Man Cave as of last week:

Man Cave After Stripping III

The foundation is a bit damp in this picture from the stripping.

Man Cave After Stripping II

Several of my brick-painting relatives have asked me what color we are going to paint the walls now. Ha!

Man Cave After Stripping I

Ben The Brick Mason is going to patch in some brick so we don’t have to look at this cinder block.

After Ben finishes the patch work the floor will be sealed and we’ll start moving some of our things over. I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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