The Ashland House: Zodiaq Snowdrift Countertops

Edit: If you want to see some photos of Zodiaq Snowdrift countertops, you’ve come to the right place! Now here’s the updated post:

I’ve been so busy feeding my feelings for the past week that I’ve neglected to update you with the latest at The Ashland House. It turns out concluding a major gut rehab/addition project can be a little stressful. Who knew? I have lots of stories to share but not lots of time so let’s get going!

First of all, to the powers that be at DuPont – YOU’RE WELCOME. DuPont makes Zodiaq which is the counter top material we decided to use in our kitchen and master bath. DuPont also is not compensating me in any way for this or any other post to date. They should. If you Google Image Zodiaq Snowdrift counter tops the pickings are slim. For instance, Zodiaq Snowdrift is not all over the internet in the way that Carrera Marble is.

Not only were there limited images of the counter top I was considering but I did something I would never recommend. I picked out our kitchen and master bath counter tops from two different 3″x 3″ samples. Crazy, I know. I just didn’t have it in me to drive all the way into the bowels of Western Suburban Chicagoland to look at a slab. I knew since Zodiaq (generic name: quartz) is manmade the slabs would be relatively uniform. I took a risky gamble and I think it turned out okay.

See for yourself:

white kitchen cabinets with zodiaq snowdrift countertops

Go easy on me.  It’s not finished yet!

Zodiaq Snowdrift Countertops

Here’s a closer look at the counter taken the first day it was installed.

Kitchen Prep Sink Zodiaq Snowdrift Countertops

Perky Prep Sink.  I think the green painter’s tape really pulls the look together.  Pun intended.  😀

The picture above is a much more realistic rendering of what it looks like in person, if you’re curious.

Kohler Farm Sink Zodiaq Snowdrift Countertop

Main sink over looking the future classroom.

Some of you might be saying, “Wow.  That’s a LOT of white!”

I have to say this (in a slightly defensive and similarly slightly hurt tone):

“So what? You don’t have to live there.”

No, not that. What I meant to say is:

“You haven’t seen the backsplash yet.”

Backsplash Tile

Ugh. This sample of tile was one of two left in the store and both were chipped. It’s not supposed to be chipped.  This picture is a close-up.  In the context of the kitchen it’s a smaller mosaic. It will look great with the counter tops.  Trust me.  I’m creative.

I have more stories to share but I’ll have to tell them another day. In the meantime, here is the almost finished entrance to Joyful Day Montessori:

Cedar Fence with Arbor

Future entrance of Joyful Day Montessori.  The arbor matches the pergola in the back!

Thank you ever so much for reading and have a most Joyful Day!

xo Whitney


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    1. Dr Meg Sorick

      Oh my gosh! I’m so excited for you! It’s nearly there! The backsplash is so coooooooooool!!!!!!!!! Harry is totally jealous of your sink – he’s been wanting to do that in our kitchen! Weeeeeeeeee! 😍

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Thanks Dr. Meg! I think it might be a bit of an adjustment living in the new place. It’s very different from where we live now. I think the sparkly things will help me through the transition.

    2. Valerie

      Your kitchen rocks, Whitney! Can’t wait to see it in person (not sure when that will be, but…)

    3. Mauri

      I love your countertops – I was skeptical about the look as I’m a granite girl but you rocked it. And sparkles always make life better 🙂 So grateful everything is working out for the Parchies!

        1. Jim Noonan

          Interesting question! Obviously you continue updates until the project is completely finished and then maybe a series of retrospectives of the more interesting/difficult/satisfying features, with updates on how you are enjoying it? I’m thinking here of a shot of you relaxing, enjoying a glass of wine in your new space with a look of beatific relief and satisfaction on your face. For some reason I picture you wearing a tiara in that picture, but that’s up to you! .

    4. Whitney Parchman Post author

      Hmm. A tiara. That would definitely match some of our light fixtures. You might be on to something Jim. 😉 Thanks for the suggestions! Hope you and your family are doing well. Cheers!

    5. maidsdayoff

      We’re gearing up to do a kitchen remodel this year so your posts equally excite and terrify me! So many decisions to make – and I’m a huge “second-guesser.” I love all of your choices! Your kitchen will be stunning! Hmm. Maybe I’ll just hire you to design MY kitchen. (With the stress you’ve endured, I’m picturing you running screaming into the street at the suggestion) 😉

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        No! I would love to help you! Besides, I”m not much of a runner. Are you on Pinterest? It’s easy to start if you aren’t. You can start a board with all of the things you like and with your permission I can add to it to and we can collaborate on a design. Pinterest is a great design tool. Keep me posted!

    6. Maddy at Home

      Hi Whitney,
      I haven’t been by your blog for a while but I see you are getting past the more stressful building stuff and onto the exciting details. Love the kitchen counter top and the white cabinets. The color will come in with more portable things. Looking forward to having more of a “sticky beak” when
      I have some time.

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Hi Maddy! Thanks for stopping by and catching up. I’m so glad you like what you’ve seen. We moved in three weeks ago and still have so much to do. Hope you are doing well! xo Whitney

    7. Starface2

      Hi Whitney. You are the only person out there who has posted pictures of Snowdrift. I am in the process of getting better countertops. The countertop company took me back to their inventory to show me a different slab and Snowdrift happen to be sitting in front of the other slab. There is something about it that I really love but I’m so nervous to pull the trigger. Do you have anymore pictures of everything finished by chance? Thanks again for posting something at least because these decisions are stressful. Great job on the kitchen. It’s beautiful!

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Thanks! I’ve been meaning to post about our backsplash since it was completed but got distracted. So, why don’t I post tomorrow about the backsplash and I’ll include more pictures of our countertops for you? Thanks for reading!