The Ashland House: An Update

Luckily for us the roof was enclosed (for the most part) before the heavy rain we had this morning.  Check out the before and after pictures of our front dormer:

Exterior of The Ashland House

Original Dormer (Circa Fall 2014)

East Dormer

After/In The Meantime

Here is a picture that captures all 4 new dormers in progress:

All 4 Dormers 8:28:2015

Here is the back of the house shortly after we purchased it:

Winter Back Yard Ashland House

Here is what the back of the house looked like yesterday afternoon:

Back of The Ashland House 8:28:2015

I’ll have more updates throughout the week.

Thanks for reading!

xo Whitney

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  • 0 thoughts on “The Ashland House: An Update

    1. Kathy Adams Iwashima

      The transformation process is so fun to watch. Your ability to envision what was possible and to make this all happen is quite impressive : )

    2. Whitney Post author

      Thanks Kathy! We are looking forward to the end result but we are also enjoying the process. It is so fascinating. xo Whitney

          1. Whitney Post author

            You are welcome! I think I tried to comment on your blog but I’m not certain you have a comment section? Maybe you do and I didn’t see it?


              I do, because I have comments, but I’m just not sure how they look for other people. It doesn’t say comments, it says “have your say”. My theme is responsive for mobiles – I think you just have to scroll right down below the shareaholic stuff & it should be there…

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