The Ashland House: An Update

I called my uncle last night.  He’s the one that made this.  He couldn’t believe how quickly things are coming together at The Ashland House.  It rained quite a bit this past Saturday but the guys were still able to accomplish a bunch.

Mike Healy made certain that some temporary stairs were put in so I could check out the upstairs in comfort instead of braving the ladder.  As a result, I was able to take the following pictures of the 2nd floor to share with you:

Inside of the 2nd Floor Overlooking Back Yard

This is the view of the bedroom overlooking the back yard. We had the window sills lowered 8 inches from the initial drawings. It looks better proportionally (in my opinion) while still allowing room for furniture underneath. Sometimes you make changes once you see the space in person.

2nd Floor Master Bedroom Suite

This is where the future Master Bedroom will be. The dormer overlooks the front yard. It also adds character to the house.  🙂

2nd Floor Future Master Bath

The Future Master Bathroom.

It was really important to us that the second floor looked like it was original to the house.  If you drive around the greater OPRF area you will see some examples of VERY BAD bungalow additions.  We didn’t want ours joining the ranks.

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