The Ashland House: Elements of Design

Believe it or not, there are times when I have so much to say that I don’t say anything. That phenomenon best explains why you haven’t seen a new post in the past 11 days. Within those past 11 days there was a 5 day stretch where I would go over to the house and tear up. Not in a bad way. There is a tremendous sense of relief now that the finish line is in sight. I’m now seeing how decisions that were made months ago look in the context of the overall design of The Ashland House.

The feature image shows our dining room pendant. I ordered it on December 4th. It arrived around Valentine’s Day and was installed this past week. Good thing it makes sense in the space because it’s too late to return it now.

Dining Room Pendant Light Design

Note: Since that picture was taken I switched out the bulb from a 4000 whatever LED to a 2700 whatever LED. It’s a softer white. Of course, after the fixture was up I realized that we need a dimmer switch for this light. Our electrician is going to start calling our house The Hotel California if I don’t stop making adjustments.

A few weeks ago I revealed what color stain we used on our floors. One of our readers (THANK YOU FOR READING!) commented that they couldn’t wait to see what our cabinetry looked like. My response was along the lines of, “Cabinetry?! I don’t even remember what I picked exactly.”

I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked it out but it turns out that I love it! See for yourself:

Benjamin Moore Simply White Kitchen Island Design

The Island

Benjamin Moore Simply White Kitchen Cabinet Design

View from the classroom.

Pull Out Kitchen Pantry Design

From Left to Right:  Space for built-in Microwave/Oven Combo, Pantry, Refrigerator

The cabinetry on the first floor (kitchen and Jack & Jill bathroom) all has the same profile. Since I used Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-117) in these areas in addition to the trim throughout the house I changed things up a bit in the Master Bath:

White bathroom cabinet door profile design

The scale of the Master Bath is bigger than the other baths in the house so I wanted a little more drama with the trim. The trim between the panel and the frame is raised much more than on the door fronts in the kitchen and Jack & Jill bath.

Custom base cabinets master bath design

Here’s what it looks like in the context of the vanity.

White Master Bath Built-in Cabinetry Design

This is a separate area for storage. I really enjoy built-ins… and sparkly things.

White hex and subway tile niche design master bath

In keeping with the larger scale of things in the Master Bath we used 4″x 16″ tile in the shower instead of the traditional 3″x 6″ size.  The larger size is appropriate in the space and it has a more contemporary feel.

If we’re going to visit the Master Bath we might as well visit the Master Bedroom. I remember the drywall guys wanted to know if we wanted our beams drywalled. Um. NO! This is what we are doing instead:

Master Bedroom Bungalow Addition Dormers Interior Design


Exposed Beams Bungalow Addition Design

After (almost).  One measurement was off by 1/2″ so the guys will have to make a new piece that fits.  This picture gives you an idea of what it will look like.  The wood used is White Oak (drift cut) with a very similar dark walnut stain to the one used on the floor.  I selected that particular cut of Oak so the finished product would look like a solid beam and not a wrapped beam.  Another detail to ensure the appearance of a solid beam?  Mitered edges.

My primary design principle is: The House Wants What The House Wants

The second on my design principle list is: Lighting is the jewelry of your home

Crystal LED bathroom sconce design

Here is one of two sconces (on either side of the future mirror) in the Jack & Jill.

flush mount crystal and silver office light design

This is the light in the office.  One of my very dear friends (Hello Dear Friend!) described it as enchanting.  I have to agree!

I’m meeting with the wallpaper installer this afternoon. Did I just say wallpaper? Yes. Yes, I did.

Thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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    1. Nancy Dougherty

      Wow Whitney you are rocking this house manager thing…looking so beautiful! I LOVE the light fixtures! X. O

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Hi Lauren! I’ll explain the wallpaper situation in the next post. 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting. If you DIY copycat I want to hear and see all about it. xo