The Ashland House: Tile and Grout in Progress

I’ve observed that installing tile and grout takes patience and skill. It might seem like it’s taking a long time for the bathrooms to come together but it’s worth the wait. Our mudroom is right off the rear school entrance at The Ashland House.

Beyond the mudroom is the powder room. The wall tile in the powder room hasn’t been installed yet. The floor grout was put in this week, however, and it looks great.

Check it out:


Close up of 1″ Hex Mosaic with Graphite grout

Here’s a different perspective:


Yes!  This picture IS upside down.  I told you it was a different perspective.  Look, there’s no threshold.  Yippee!  You may have figured it out already but there will be a pocket door here.  The only pocket door in the house.  Originally we had planned for two in the Jack and Jill bathroom.  That’s another blog post.  Remind me to tell you about it.

Speaking of the Jack and Jill…


Oh, Happy Penny Round with Platinum grout!

Although not upside down a different perspective can be found here:


This room will have a subway tile surround (tile that goes on the walls & around the room) with the same fantastic grout.

What other bathroom will have this same grout you ask?


Master Bath Floor Tile 2″ Hex Mosaic with Platinum Grout

The shower tile will be 4″ x 16″ with white grout. We have a bunch of lovely natural light in this room because it has a southern exposure and a large dormer window.


Close Up of Master Bath Floor Tile and Grout

Want to see the kiddo’s bathroom?


Almost finished.  This area will have white grout.


Sloped ceilings in showers are charming… if there’s enough room to stand up, right?

OMG!  The black grout!  The black grout!  Remember the black grout?!  Here it is:


Do you hear that?!  It’s my heart singing.  This is the floor of the kiddo’s bathroom.  We used 2″ hex tile mosaic with charcoal grout.  There will be a black vanity with a quartz countertop (A remnant of Silestone we found in Maywood – separate story!).

Congratulations! You made it to the end of this post. Thank you dear reader & have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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    1. Dr Meg Sorick

      I just adore that penny round! And the no threshold looks so clean and sleek – good call! Actually the tile – all of it- looks great! Love the sloped ceiling too! How much longer till you can move in?

    2. Jim Noonan

      You say “made to the end” like it’s a burden for us! 🙂 Far from it! What a delightful read and peek into what is fast becoming my favorite house that I don’t actually live in!

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Thanks Jim. I sometimes mistakenly assume that others won’t find the design process as fascinating as I do. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Cheers! Whitney

    3. Jim Noonan

      Quick question: In the “different perspective, no threshold” picture, what exactly is the transition there? If that makes sense. I mean, if there’s no threshold are the floors simply flush to each other? (An odd expression but one I think technically accurate in this instance is: how do they mate?)

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Our tile guy is very good. The subfloor has to be level prior to installing the tile. If I recall correctly, the tile in the mud room was thicker than the tile in the powder room so he needed to adjust for that in order to have a flush floor.

        When you see a wood threshold over the seam where two different floor types meet it’s usually because an error of some sort is being covered up and/or there are two different heights (because the flooring isn’t the same thickness). It’s also common to see a metal threshold when carpet transitions to tile. Think back to your first apartment. I bet there was one there. They go great with vertical blinds. 🙂

        Oh, and I do like unicorns. Our kiddo thinks they would beat Yeti in battle.

        1. Jim Noonan

          Yeti’s aren’t magical, so I’m with your kiddo on that! It’s like:
          “I’m a Yeti! Grrrr!”
          “No you’re not.”
          “Now let’s go look at those stairs again.”
          *clip, clop, clip, clop*

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Thanks Arpita! I have been thinking of you and all of your posts on minimalism lately. We have started packing up some of our things for the move. It seems that my husband is under the impression that if there is an empty space (storage) it must be filled. Ha! Hopefully we will come to a nice compromise soon. 😉 xo