The Latest on The Ashland House

You might not be able to tell much from the pictures, however, there has been lots of progress over at The Ashland House recently.  We plan on having the Chicago brick stripped on the South and North sides:

Ashland House Stripping the Paint I

Partially stripped patch of brick (South side). I have a feeling there is all sorts of shenanigans going on under that paint.

There is so much paint covering the brick that the patch you see in the above picture isn’t even completely stripped yet… and that is after one day of work.  The brick has been suffocating under layer upon layer of oppressive brown (BROWN?!) paint for far too long.  As a result, the integrity of the brick has been compromised.  Over the years it was less expensive for the previous owners to repaint over everything instead of making the necessary repairs.  We feel it’s worth the effort and expense to strip and repair it.  This brick is 100 years old and deserves some respect.

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