It occurred to me about 10 minutes ago that I have been procrastinating all morning about writing a post for this blog.  The type of procrastination was insidious, however, because it was masked in the belief that if I had “Other Things To Do” I was not in fact procrastinating.  Hmm.  As my Dad used to say when I was little and had made a discovery, “Pretty tricky, huh?”.  (Translation for Canadians:  “Pretty tricky, eh?”)

Normally this type of revelation would throw me into a fit of existential crisis but as usual I have a choice:

Choice #1:  Get swept up in existential crisis or

Choice #2:  Decide/prioritize what it is I want to accomplish with this blog and stick to it.

Of course I pick Choice #2!  What did you expect?  Here’s the deal:  I will continue doing my Quote of The Day, Ashland House Updates and Success Through Accountability features. Over the next few weeks, however, my primary focus will be to get the Toddler Tuesday feature up and running.  I’ve been a little stuck on this last feature because there is so much to cover.  I am also planning on “vlogging” Toddler Tuesdays which requires that I develop a new skill set. It turns out that vlogging requires more self-acceptance than I am used to, however, if it helps our toddler friends live in harmony with the adults in their lives it’s worth it.

Additionally, this recent development in my blogging life has led me to the following conclusions:

Conclusion #1:  If the goal of my blog is to encourage, educate and help others create a Joyful Day then all of my posts should reflect that.  Which leads me to

Conclusion #2:  Just because I could blog about a topic doesn’t mean I should.  For example, if I go to Whole Foods and get irked by the parking situation I don’t need to do this.

Conclusion #3:  In all honesty I’m more stressed out about this blog than anyone else.  In this case, I’m the last to know.  What can I say?  Everyone has a different learning curve.

Eureka!  Time to let the procrastination cease.

As always, thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

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    1. fromthestickstothebricksandbackagain

      Apparently we have both spent a good part of our Saturday procrastinating. I’ve been trying to finish a Follow Friday (yes Friday post) off and on all day. I need to get organized to help keep my procrastinating tendencies at bay. When picking out blogs to feature in my Follow Friday post there is a fine line between carefully picking out the blogs I want to feature and wiling away the hours. Conclusion 3 really resonates with me – why am I stressing out about my selections when if I “get it wrong” I get to try again next week (hopefully on Friday this time). I will be hitting the publish button momentarily. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

      1. Whitney Parchman Post author

        Thank you so much for your comment. Yes! If we “get it wrong” we always can try again. Making a misstep and trying again is what makes us better. We are guaranteed 100% success at failing if we stop trying altogether, right? Publish away blogger-friend. I look forward to your post. xo Whitney

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    3. Juli Hoffman

      Great post!
      Great post, eh! (For your Canadian readers.)
      *Cracking up laughing with a cat next to me looking concerned*
      **This is why I’m not allowed to come up with my own acronyms.**