You Are What You Eat

This past October I made some lifestyle changes in an effort to off-set the stresses of a major home renovation, having a spouse that works and travels so extensively that I see him about 1-2 waking hours a week and running my own business. The first and last items on that list are labors of love. The second one? Who would enjoy that?

I do yoga 3 times a week. I also eat for my blood type (O+ if you’re curious). It’s been about 4 months since I’ve made those changes and I feel about 15-20 years younger. No joke. My energy is steady throughout the day (no need for a 20 minute cat nap at 2 pm any more), I sleep through the night and I’m in a much better mood (ask Mr. OPRFLife). Food tastes more flavorful to me and I can tell that my body is less inflamed. I’ve also managed to stay healthy so far this school year. Usually by this time of year I have fought off a couple colds.

It’s easier for me to eat healthy if I shop at places where the majority of options are healthy. In the summer time I enjoy going to the Oak Park Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning. I’ve recently discovered that going to The Sugar Beet Food CO-OP is the next best thing. If you can’t make it to the Farmer’s Market you can still get great produce that was grown only a state or two away all year long by shopping at The Sugar Beet.

Sugar Beet Food Co-Op

My awesome coffee cup from Sugar Beet Food CO-OP. You don’t need to be an owner to shop there but if you are you’ll save $2 on one.

Remember the olden days when people knew where their food came from? No? Me neither. If you shop local you are more likely to know where your purchases were sourced. For example, the best chicken I’ve ever tasted is sold at The Sugar Beet Food CO-OP. It’s called Smart Chicken. Did you click on their website? If you do you’ll learn where their farm is, what their chickens were fed and what their living conditions were.

This is how you will feel after you eat it:

Genius Bit Moji

Cartoon version of me after eating Smart Chicken

Now don’t get picky and say, “Well those chickens grew up in Nebraska. That’s more than one state away!” The point is I know more about this chicken than I do about the chicken at the box grocery store down the street.

The crazy thing is when you shop the Sugar Beet and you want to know what farm the tomatoes came from they can tell you. They might also know the farmer. I encourage you to check it out for yourself!

If you’re reading this blog (THANK YOU! THANK YOU!) and you don’t live around here I encourage you to shop your local farmer’s market. Ask your grocery store to start carrying the food you want to eat. If they’re smart they’ll listen. Every dollar you spend and every bite that you take is a vote. Make your vote count.

Thanks for reading and have a Joyful Day!

xo Whitney

Cartoon images courtesy of my BitMoji app.  


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